Whatever style of piano you want to learn, our instructors are here to help you and customise a lesson plan for you.


Piano lessons for beginners of all ages will typically focus on a variety of recommended method books. These are books are carefully crafted to be fun and engaging while instilling fundamentals such as sight-reading, music theory, and technique. Our instructors love teaching beginner students of all ages, and they provide a positive, encouraging environment for the student.


Piano lessons for intermediate students will focus on expanding technical exercises, repertoire, theory, and musical refinement. Intermediate students are typically graduated out of using graded courses and starting to learn more complex pieces of music.


Piano lessons for advanced students focus on cultivating advanced piano technique, repertoire, and musical refinement. Advanced students have more experience and typically wish to take the next step towards becoming a professional musician. Our highly qualified instructors can help you achieve your goals.

At PMA, we've worked hard to provide the very best for our students. All of our piano teaching rooms are equipped with well-maintained, Baldwin, Yamaha, and Kawai acoustic and digital pianos. Tempted?… Book your FREE taster today… 01394 383700.