Here at PMA we offer electric, bass, acoustic and classical guitar lessons. Our team of tutors support students along their learning journey by providing well planned lessons; covering important technical exercises, theory, song studies and, where required, graded courses.

Lessons are tailored to the individual - if it’s learning the newest Ed Sheeran hit or mastering a Clapton riff, our tutors can guide you through with the knowledge, patience and support required.

For the beginner student, PMA can provide you with the right style and size guitar for your taster.

Not sure about what style to learn? Our FREE taster lesson offer is a great opportunity to meet with a tutor who can introduce you to the different styles and advise you.

Younger learners are advised to start with a “classical” guitar - these are often referred to as “nylon” or “spanish” guitars. The advantages of these guitars are that they are relatively cheap to buy (we stock a wide range in our showroom), the nylon/silk strings are softer on young fingers and they come in a wide range of sizes. These guitars are a great option for younger beginners who can then progress onto either an electric or acoustic guitar - and don’t worry, all the skill and techniques are fully transferrable.

Our tuition team are registered with the ABRSM, Trinity, RGT and Rock School Graded Courses. Although guitar grades aren’t for all, our tutors do endorse them and promote the structure, short and long term goals the graded courses provide.