Photography of pupils in schools is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998 regarding the rights of individuals to have information of a personal nature treated in an appropriate manner and the Human Rights Act 1998, protecting the privacy of individuals and families. As well as these statutory rights, restrictions on photography arise from issues of child protection and copyright on performances. The term photograph covers any form of visual imaging, whether on film or in digital format. ‘In school’ is whenever and wherever pupils are the responsibility of the school.


• To protect the right of parents to consent to their child/children being photographed for particular purposes at PMA.

• Emphasise the PMA’s protective ethos towards pupils in respect of potential inappropriate use of visual images of children.

• Avoid children being distracted by photographic activity during events.

• Enable all visitors at school productions to enjoy the event without the distraction of others taking photographs or videos near them

• Allow personal family photography where possible

Parental consent: All parents are asked to give their consent for photography of their child by completing a permission slip that is kept on file (appendix A). A register is kept of children who must not be included in photographs or videos.

• PMA will only take and use images that are appropriate and are considered to not be open to misuse.

• If an image of a child is used, the child’s name will not be published. If a name is published, no image will be used without specific consent.

• Children and their parents/legal guardian will be made aware of why their picture is being taken and how it will be used.

• PMA will ensure that images of a single child with no surrounding context of what they are learning or doing will be avoided.

• PMA recognises that images must not be used to cause distress, upset or embarrassment.


• Photographs must be destroyed or deleted from databases once they are no longer required for the purpose for which they were taken.

• The storage of electronic images will be regularly reviewed by a senior member of staff. Photographs of children are used minimally and anonymously on our website. Parents have a right to have any photo of their child removed from the website.